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Fees for Standard Services

* Net Zero Retrofit (NZR) planning for single unit residential (house) with a NRCan Energy

Audit - $1,150.00 CAN. Note as of December 1st, 2020, the federal government rebates the NRCan Energy Audit (-$600). The net cost is $550! Also note that an NRCan energy audit is required for eligibility to the up to $5,000 Greener Homes Grant.

* Utility and Capital Cost Comparisons between four heat pump models - $250.00

Next Renewable and Sustainable Building Design Course

(fees - $1,200 special offer)

​Approximately 40% of North American Energy is consumed in buildings. Almost all those buildings can be economically converted to conserve that energy (Net Zero Energy) and eliminate the associated Green House Gas production. This course outlines the methods to move buildings (new and existing) to high energy performance or net zero performance and to significantly reduce direct energy costs, and greenhouse gas emissions caused by building energy requirements.



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Useful Links
Algonquin College (Post Secondary Education)
ASHRAE (Education, Reasearch, Standardization)
ASTM (Standards - especially see E 2018-01 for the PCA Standard)
Building Science Corporation (US Based Building Science Consulting and Education Firm)
Canada Green Building Council (Promotion and Registration for LEED Buildings)
Canadian Home Builders Association (Advocate of Net Zero Housing)
Carleton University (Post Secondary Education and Research)
Just Have a Think (Sustainability Related Videos) 10 Reasons Not to Buy an Electric Car (Debunked)
​Greener Homes Grant (Canadian Federal Energy Audit and Conservation Grants)
Net Zero Building Coalition (Education and Advocacy Group for Net Zero Building Design)
NRCan OEE - (Natural Resources Canada, Office of Energy Efficiency - Education Research and Promotion)
OSPE (Ontario Society for Professional Engineers - Education and Advocacy Group for Ontario's Engineers)
OPG (Ontario Power Generation - Large Scale Electrical Power Generation and Distribution)
PEO (Professional Engineers of Ontario (Regulatory Body for Ontario's Engineers and the Protection of the Public)
Pretium Consulting Engineers (Building Envelope and Structural Experts)
Save On Energy (Ontario's Electricity Conservation Incentive Program)
Technology Connections (Technology Explanation Videos) EV Charging Simplified 
University of Ottawa (Post Secondary Education and Research)

Waterloo Institute for Sustainable Energy (Education)

Zero Net Energy Homes