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Fuel Transition to Heat Pump Report
- How are you lowering your GHG emissions?

Did you know you that for $700 above the cost of a new Central AC system you can reduce your annual natural gas heating Green House Gas emissions by 55%, and reduce your annual utility bill by $55.00 by changing your old central AC unit to a heat pump and running the heat pump to the economical cut off temperature?
We calculate your savings, costs, GHG reductions to make a natural gas to heat pump conversion for only $195.00. Contact us today. 
Our Services are:


​* Net Zero Energy Planning

* Fuel Transition Studies 

* Energy Audits

* Infrared Surveys

* Blower Door Testing and Sealing

* Heat Pump Transition Study

* Infra Red Photography and Reporting


Commercial Properties

* Net Zero Energy Planning 

* Property Condition Assessments

* Reserve Fund Studies

* Energy Star Benchmark Studies

* Energy Audits

* Energy Modelling

* Incentive Applications

* Ongoing Energy Monitoring and Reporting

* Building Recommission

* Infrared Surveys



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