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What Can I do to Significantly Reduce My Carbon Foot Print but is NOT EXPENSIVE?

If you have a central air conditioning unit and it is older (15 years or older) then replace it with a HEAT PUMP. The additional cost more than a new central AC unit can be as low as $700.00. You can run the heat pump for heating through the cool weather down to about -2 C and beat the cost of natural gas heating (dependent on the heat pump and furnace models). Below -2 C natural gas is the cheaper option. Your thermostat makes that switching decision for you. This way of heating is called electric heat pump heating with natural gas back up (see graph below). This method will reduce your household carbon footprint by about 50% or about 2.5 tons per year (about 50 tons over the life of the furnace) and reduce your total heating appliance lifetime costs by over $5,000. The carbon reduction is about equivalent to taking 1/2 of a car off the road! For $700 you can significantly reduce your carbon footprint and save money too!

We do fuel transition studies!


Heat pumps are rated by HSPF (heating seasonal performance factor). They can be central or split, ducted or ductless, air source or ground source, variable speed or constant speed, cold climate or traditional and their costs can range by thousands of dollars. Which one do you pick? No problem we take the guess work out for you. We have done all of that research and can advise which ones have the best value for your house. For $195.00 we can use your natural gas and hydro bills to size the most economical heat pump you'll need to start your transition off natural gas and onto a more sustainable future.

See our fee webpage to discover the costs for Net Zero and/or fuel transition planning.

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