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Why Change to Net Zero Building?

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Have you heard about climate change? Of course you have but you might not know how you contribute to climate change.


We know climate change is caused by the Green House Gas (GHG) emissions caused by the burning (usage) of fossil fuels. In buildings these fossil fuels are natural gas, fuel oil, propane and using electricity that is generated from these listed fossil fuels and coal. About 40% of energy used in the first world is used in buildings for heating, cooling, lighting and ventilation, etc. Almost all of that comes from fossil fuels. If you retrofit your house or building to Net Zero you'll eliminate your personal contribution to that 40% and it's cheaper in the long run!

Change Your Car to an Electric Vehicle Too!

While buildings contribute to 40% of the GHG pollution emissions problem, transportation is just as large of a problem. However your personal GHG contributions (those that you have direct control over) are mostly from your house and not your car. A 2,000 square foot house will contribute to about 5 1/2 tons of GHG a year and your car about 5 tons of GHG a year. However switching your house to Net Zero is cheaper than buying a Tesla.

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